Note: Mac and Linux standalone builds are untested, but should work fine.

This is my submission to Ludum Dare 33 (My entry page), though I could only work on it for about a third of the weekend. The only gameplay is to kill as many people as you can by flying over them. The game ends after a set amount of time (just after sundown). The controls are "tank-like", meaning that movement is relative to the direction the monster is facing, not the camera.

Default Controls (configurable from launcher in standalone builds):

Movement: WASD keys/Arrow keys/Left Stick(gamepad)
Turn: QE keys/LR(gamepad)
Pause/Quit at end: Esc/Start(gamepad)
Submit(in menu): Enter/Return/A button(gamepad)
Toggle image effects: U(Depth of Field) I(Fisheye) O(Noise and grain)
Gamepad note: I've only tested the defaults with an XBox 360 controller on Windows


Engine & Standard assets: Unity 5.1.2f1 Personal
Game Jam Template from Unity Technologies (primarily base for menus/pause screen)
Music: Base midi file generated from
Edited using LMMS using the FLUID R3 soundfont by Frank Wen
Some Textures:


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