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This is my submission for the Candy Jam.

Recover the legendary candy scroll from the evil apple empire in this simple Monkey Ball style platformer.

Standalone versions are available here (recommended if web player is slow to load)


Roll: WASD, arrow keys or left stick on controller

Camera: Mouse or right stick on controller

Additional Credits:

Skyboxes from Skybox Volume 2 (Nebula) by Hedgehog Team
Some other textures used from cgtextures.com
The font is "V dub" by Ray Larbie, from the Computer Font Pack
Music is Zero Gravity by Jon Hillman


v1.1 (2014-02-14):

  • Slight physics tweaks to improve player control
  • Slightly increased size of a few platforms in the second to last level to make it a little more forgiving
  • Music will now play at a reduced volume and pitch while paused
  • Added timer

bonus: press "y" on the main menu to access an extra test area.